What charities does the Morris Charitable Trust support?

The Morris Charitable Trust funds general charitable causes, primarily based within the London Borough of Islington and some other specially selected projects. Charitable activities that alleviate social deprivation and hardship, promote education, community harmony, health and well-being and that help disadvantaged young people, adults and senior citizens are some examples of the criteria The Morris Charitable Trust looks for when considering applications. However, this list is not exhaustive and you should visit the ‘some of our projects’ page for a sample of supported projects.

Who can benefit and what amounts can be expected?

Local Islington community projects and some other specially selected national and international charities benefit from The Morris Charitable Trust. Projects must generally be registered with The Charity Commission to be considered for applications. Grants can vary between hundreds and several thousands of pounds at the discretion of the Trustees. Occasionally the Trust makes major donations for local projects which it considers to be particularly worthy of support. The Trustees consider very carefully how the Trust’s donations will make a real difference to the charity or project applying. Only a limited number of selected charities are chosen for support each year.

What types of grants are not given?

We do not generally make donations to applications from individuals. Requests for subsidising the annual, recurring running costs of organisations (e.g staffing, salaries, or equipment hire) will not be considered either. We do not generally make donations to applicants not registered with The Charity Commission.

How often do the Trustees of the Morris Charitable Trust meet?

Several times each year.

How many times can an organisation apply?

Donations are generally not repeated within a twelve month period. Applications received from the same charity within a year will not be considered.